External Side Mirror Replacement

Vehicle mirrors are safety features, and drivers only have three, so when one becomes broken, it leaves a major blind spot. When these are the external side mirrors, it can be hard work driving a vehicle without almost causing a collision.

Such is the importance of side mirrors, if you are caught driving without one in downtown Las Vegas, there is a good chance you might land yourself a ticket.

An external side mirror used to be a straightforward thing to change, but those days are gone. Most are now electric and come with all manner of swivel balls inside so drivers can find the best angle while driving. If they are hit by another vehicle or caught on a stationary object, in most cases, the end result is they are broken.

The process of Replacing an External Side Mirror in Las Vegas

Windshield Replacement of Las Vegas has highly experienced mobile glass repair technicians who have carried out thousands of external side mirror replacement jobs over the years we have been in operation.

Here is a quick breakdown of how they will do this:

  1. Remove interior door panel to access the cabling for the electric mirror motor
  2. Unhook all the connectors and remove any fixings that hold the side mirror to the vehicle
  3. Replace the old mirror with the new unit and reconnect all the wirings
  4. Test the new mirror and see it works correctly
  5. Refit the interior door panel
  6. Re-check the mirror still works correctly

This does take the skill of a qualified auto glass repair technician, and we have the best. What is also difficult is matching the mirror with the color of the vehicle. Luckily, we have access to one of the most extensive OEM vehicle parts catalogs in Las Vegas and Nevada, so if your vehicle is a standard color, there is a good chance we can find a match.

Side Mirror Glass Replacement Commitment

On occasion, drivers might be lucky, and the casing of their mirror isn’t broken. If this is the case, we make sure the driver isn’t told as much, and our technicians will make an external side mirror replacement while keeping the original casing. This can be a much cheaper alternative, but it isn’t necessarily the easiest method. Our vehicle window repair technicians are on duty 24/7 to make sure all motorist are able to drive safely.

All this, we do while delivering the most affordable rates for any vehicle glass repair problems in Vegas. At the end of the day, we are as committed as anyone to making sure motorists can drive safely.