Windshield Crack Repair

Auto windshield damage comes in two forms. You can have a windshield chip which can be a minor repair, or you can have a more significant windshield crack that poses more of a health risk to divers.

When you have a windshield chip, there is most likely a starburst pattern of small cracks. If these aren’t treated, they can spread.

However, when you have a cracked windscreen, these might not show any sign of impact and can occur from something as having your car air-conditioning on when it is hot outside in Las Vegas. The same can happen in colder climates when the heating is on. It is the difference in temperature that can cause these cracks.

If you have a small crack, you may possibly be able to have a windshield crack repair performed.

Las Vegas Windshield Repair

One thing to note is only laminated auto windshields can be repaired. Tempered glass which goes typically on other car glass areas, unfortunately, can’t be fixed if they have cracks.

Three other factors determine if you can have your auto glass repaired:

Nowadays it can be possible to repair windshields that are cracked up to three inches in length quite easily. But, depending on the type of the crack, larger ones than this might be able to be repaired with more effort, and the advances in technology.

Laminated glass has a thin plastic sheet that sits between two layers of glass. This prevents it from shattering, but if the crack is in both layers of glass, then it isn’t possible to repair the windshield.

Many windshield cracks happen in the same position so this will dictate if you can have a windshield crack repairs or not. When cracks begin to reach the edge of the windscreen, the strength of the windshield is dramatically reduced.

Windshield Crack Repair in Las Vegas

There is a quick process that all our highly experienced mobile auto glass repair technicians follow when repairing a windshield:

  1. Assess the extent of the windshield crack
  2. Clean the crack
  3. Insert the resin to fill the void the crack has left.
  4. A vacuum device is placed over the top so the resin penetrates as far as it can.
  5. Wait until the resin sets and make sure there is no residue on the glass.

The process might appear simple, but it takes years of experience to perform these repairs. Windshield replacement of Las Vegas has the best auto glass technicians in the Vegas industry. So any motorist with a cracked windshield knows the work is the best they will get.

Windshield Repair Service Guarantee

All of our services come with the same great affordable rates to all Las Vegas motorists. These mobile glass technicians work 24/7 for all auto glass emergencies or scheduled fitting and repair. This is topped with one of the best customer services in the auto windshield repair industry.

Over the years we have built up a loyal following around Las Vegas, and it is this sort of loyalty that helps us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible for auto glass repairs and replacements.

It is never fun to have a cracked windscreen, and if you want the best for your vehicle, then there is only one number you need to save for any windshield crack repair you might need. Why drive around searching for an auto glass repair shop to see if they can fit you in. We come to your location, so there is no worry about further damage to your windshield.