About Us

Helping motorists in need has been a passion ever since we began many years ago in and around Las Vegas. Since then we have helped thousands who have had vehicle glass replacement problems of one type or another.

We have many skilled windshield and glass replacement technicians who can perform any type of vehicle glass repair or replacement at the roadside or at a customer’s residence. We found out many years ago, it is much easier to visit the motorist in need than have them come to us.

All this has been made possible by these countless thousands of happy motorists who have supported us as a company from the very beginning.

Many companies around Las Vegas take the opportunity to make money from motorists situation. We have always dealt with honesty and integrity, and prefer a customer for life rather than a quick bit of cash.

We have always found that delivering the best rates possible with the best service is the way to work.

Windshield Replacement of Las Vegas is continually grateful for all the local support we receive from all the motorists we help and the local communities we serve. It takes unfortunate circumstances for us to meet these customers with chipped windshields, tail gate window repair requirements and many other vehicle glass problems.

The people who should receive the most appreciation are our mobile glass fitters who work all hours 24/7 to make sure no motorist has a vehicle that is unsafe to use around Las Vegas. It is our dedicated team which keep these customers on the road, and to them, we wish to extend our hand in thanks.

Windshield repair jobs can be a lonely business, but our vehicle glass technicians do this all the time with a courteous attitude and a smile on their face.